ACF Women Initiative

Launched at the 2016 AFRICA CEO FORUM in Geneva, the ACF Women Initiative has brought together more than 200 of the most influential female CEOs in the African private sector.

Highlight of the AFRICA CEO FORUM, the ACF Women Initiative promotes female empowerment and supports the contribution of women to the continent’s economic development. For this reason, it is a networking platform exclusively dedicated to female CEOs.

Women on Board, our commitment for 2018

This year, the AFRICA CEO FORUM commits to supporting female leaders through Women on Board, an initiative that aims to increase the representation of African women at the highest level of decision-making in companies, on executive boards of directors.

ACF Tech Initiative

Robotization, big data, artificial intelligence, bitcoin… In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, the technological revolution affects large companies, governments and investors. While it may sometimes worry traditional economic players, such a revolution represents a major driver of growth and development that applies far beyond the world of start-ups.

In this context of rapid technological transformation and increased competitiveness, the AFRICA CEO FORUM is launching the first ACF TECH INITIATIVE to bring together players from the African tech ecosystem, offering them a meeting platform and three sessions to address the challenges of this new economy, to encourage investment in it, and, more widely, to enable Africa become a global hub for new technologies.

ACF Young Initiative

Globalized, entrepreneurial and connected, CEOs under 45 represent the social and economic future of the continent.

This is why the Forum decided to launch the ACF Young Initiative at its March 2017 edition: to involve the new generation of CEOs in the big decisions that will form the Africa of tomorrow.

The half-day ACF Young Initiative offers a keynote speech from one of tomorrow’s leadership figures; success stories from four outstanding young CEOs of 2017; and a workshop combining networking and brainstorming.


26-27 March 2018

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