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African Champions: powering competitiveness

Despite the restrictions of a business climate that remains challenging, an organised and enterprising African private sector has emerged over the past two decades.

Applying innovative methods and original strategies, it has shown its dynamism in the best of times, and its resilience in the worst.

But the number and size of major African companies remains small when measured against other emerging regions.  The time has come for today’s African champions to hoist themselves up to the level of global competitiveness, powering the way for the next generation!

Entrepreneurs, managers, and also policy-makers, must rise to this challenge in a world affected by unprecedented technological disruption. Artificial intelligence, big data, robotisation and other digital forces are already shaking up entire branches of the economy and will inevitably impact the business of large African companies, as well as prospects for growth and job-creation.

In view of this, and with economic recovery in Africa starting to take shape, the sixth edition of the AFRICA CEO FORUM will actively confront the future by inviting its 1500 participants from the worlds of business, investment and politics in more than 60 countries to create a roadmap for the African private sector over the next decade.

How should the continent tackle industrialisation in the digital age? How can we accelerate women and young people into decision-making positions? What new opportunities are offered by the health and education sectors? Why must African businesses undergo a deep transformation in terms of governance? What are the lessons in leadership from Africa’s top CEOs? Over two days, more than 100 speakers will debate 40 themes to address this challenge: make the next 10 years of growth a decade of entrepreneurial transformation!

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05 Jan 2018

Best wishes from the AFRICA CEO FORUM

24 Nov 2017

2018 applications are now open!

08 Nov 2017

IFC and the AFRICA CEO FORUM partner to stimulate private investment in Africa


26-27 March 2018

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