Jean Kacou Diagou

President and Founder, NSIA

Jean Kacou DIAGOU is the founder and current President of the first Ivorian group of insurance and bank, NSIA. It was in 1995, after having participated in the negotiations on the harmonization of insurance legislation in the sub-region and co-wrote the CIMA code (Interafrican Conference of Insurance Markets), that he founded the New Interafrican Insurance Company, NSIA, which now has 30 companies, 1 Foundation and present in 12 countries.

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Diego Aponte

President & CEO, MSC Group

Richard Bielle

Chairman, CFAO

Laurent Goutard

Africa Manager, Société Générale

Nezha Hayat

Chairperson and CEO, Moroccan Capital Market Authority

Delphine Traoré

Chief Operating Officer, Allianz Africa

Joyce-Ann Wainaina

Head of Global Subsidiaries Group for Sub Sahara Africa, Citibank