A new world coming
How can Africa and its private sector
navigate the change?

By accelerating pre-existing trends, such as protectionism, digitisation and the fight against climate change, the Covid 19 crisis has brought to a close a 70-year economic cycle dominated by globalisation, industrialisation and fossil fuels. A new world dawns in its wake, for which Africa and its private sector must be fully prepared.

This is the ambition set out by the AFRICA CEO FORUM. In partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), we are inviting you to debate on the theme: “A new world coming: How can Africa and its private sector navigate the change?”

To address this issue and other questions it raises, the AFRICA CEO FORM has mobilised its community of decision-makers on 28, 29 and 30 September 2021 for a special digital edition.

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    Women Working for Change (WFC) | Social sectors: Can private investment be a game-changer?

    Annual shortfalls in Africa’s education and healthcare funding total $44bn and $66bn respectively. The COVID-19 crisis has added strain to the already limited resources of African states to address social-sector issues, highlighting the need for alternative financing. Private sector business opportunities exist: Africa’s healthcare market is expected to reach $259bn by 2030. But investing in social sectors requires specific expertise, an appropriate regulatory framework and suitable partnerships to reduce risk. As 70% of the global social and healthcare workforce is female, Women Working for Change (WFC) has chosen social sectors as a key topic. In this session, influential women will debate on ways in which the private sector can improve access to healthcare and training, particularly through win-win public-private partnerships. 

     Key points  

    • What are the best practices for the private sector when investing in social sectors? 
    • Regulation: What framework is needed to lower investment risk? 
    • How can companies reconcile social objectives with financial performance?   

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    FIRESIDE CHAT | Conversation with Tewolde GebreMariam

    As the Covid-19 crisis clobbered airlines causing a global 103-billion nosedive in revenue in 2020, Ethiopian Airlines was one of three companies worldwide to register a profit. Tewolde Gebre Mariam, its CEO since 2011, is the man behind this remarkable achievement. For this exceptional Fireside Chat, the Nigerian Andrew Alli, CEO of the Southbridge Group, a pan-African investment bank, will talk with the boss of the continent’s largest carrier to discuss the lessons he learned from the crisis, the future of the aviation industry, and what he regards as essential qualities for Africa’s business leaders of tomorrow.

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    INVEST IN | Senegal

    As the foremost annual meeting of the private sector on the continent, the AFRICA CEO FORUM is the leading platform for public-private dialogue. ‘Invest In’ sessions allow CEOs and investors to meet with high-level African government officials to gain deeper insight into their countries’ economic development strategies. These sessions provide exposure to a variety of key sectors, business environments, and public and private investment opportunities.

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    PANEL | Beyond industrialisation: Rethinking Africa's economic game plan 

    Africa was too slow to pursue Asia’s successful growth strategy of industrialisation and must look instead to alternatives, said Paul Kagame in his inaugural speech as AU chairperson in 2018. While the industry’s average contribution to continental GDP per capita remains flat at around $700 and global businesses are increasingly turn to automation, the Covid crisis and its disruptions have revealed new development opportunities: shortening of value chains through local production, a digital revolution and factory conversions to pharmaceutical manufacture. How can Africa take advantage of challenges to global value chains and create new comparative advantages?  

    Key points 

    • Industrial policy: Pinpointing new niche sectors for African countries and forming public-private partnerships 
    • A private sector view on the industries ripe for investment 
    • Digital revolution: What are the opportunities for industry? 

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    KEYNOTE SPEECH | Paul Kagame

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    The road to AFRICA CEO FORUM 2022