Cutting-edge content, top-level discussions

Giving the floor to outstanding CEOs, political leaders and prominent economists, the AFRICA CEO FORUM offers the most relevant views on the continent’s major economic and business themes.

Breaking down the main economic trends

The AFRICA CEO FORUM examines the major upheavals in the global economy, and analyzes the impact of the creation of an African single market. International and African business leaders, experts and analysts compare and contrast their visions for the continent’s development and shed light on the best strategies that private-sector operators in Africa should adopt.

The finest industry analyses

With topics ranging from agribusiness, to power, infrastructure, consumer goods, finance, logistics, health, education, telecoms and innovation, the AFRICA CEO FORUM holds panel debates between CEOs, financiers and experts, as well as strategic roundtables that bring together the entire industry community. These sessions provide their participants with cutting-edge insight along with concrete answers to the major challenges faced by operators in each of the continent’s main economic sectors.

Politicians and investors face-to-face

The AFRICA CEO FORUM puts heads of state, African political leaders and CEOs together to discuss key issues for African economies. Through interactive presentation sessions and face-to-face meetings, the Forum has become the reference point for learning about African governments’ economic strategies and understanding their major investment projects.

Sessions to strengthen communities

The AFRICA CEO FORUM offers to women executives, shareholders and owners of family businesses, and CEOs of state-owned enterprises, dedicated sessions that focus on their respective challenges: access to boards of directors for women, financing growth or succession planning for family businesses, and governance and management independence for large parastatal companies.

Case studies and testimonies

On subjects ranging from digital transformation to regional growth, CEOs of major African and international groups, together with renowned consultants, give practical examples of how they tackle some of the most significant operational and strategic business challenges.

Mobilizing leaders to design actionable solutions

In keeping with its mission as a platform for proposals and advocacy, the AFRICA CEO FORUM convenes the key stakeholders in each major industry including operators, governments, and financiers for roundtable discussions. These sessions are aimed at finding concrete and actionable solutions that will set the stage for future policy reform proposals on a pan-African or regional scale.