24 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant, Baoule IV

Construction Energy
24 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant, Baoule IV
  • EntityAgence Pour la promotion des Investissements au Mali - API Mali
  • Amount223 million USD

The Baoulé IV project involves the construction of a concrete dam, an earth levee and a hydroelectric power plant. Feasibility study underway. The maximum gross fall height is 25m, the equipment  ow is equal to 115 m/s, which means gross maximum power of 24 MW. The useful storage capacity is 0.6 million cubic meters, which represents around 1.5 hours of turbine work. We think that the reservoir only allows the creation of a storage basin for other water uses (irrigation).




  • Regulation of water ow to facilitate irrigation (and the development of double crops)
  • Production of electric energy


Characteristics of Partnership Requirements


Type: Private/Public

Project design: Private/Public

Funding: Private/Public

Implementation: Private/Public

Operations: Private/Public

Partner Remuneration: Private/Public

Risk Sharing: Private/Public



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