03 Sep 2021 / Article

How can Africa and its private sector navigate the changes of the coming world?

The continent’s most brilliant minds will meet to discuss this topic at the Africa CEO Forum’s Digital Edition from 28 to 30 September 2021.

By freezing global economic activity at the end of Q1 2020, the Covid-19 crisis has triggered an abrupt acceleration of pre-existing trends, namely the fight against climate change as a priority, the reshaping of global value chains, the resurgence of protectionism and the deterioration of Sino-American trade relations alongside inflationary pressures, Big Tech’s growing monopoly, digital transformation and remote working. A new world is emerging, closing the chapter on an almost 70-year economic cycle dominated by globalisation, industrialisation and fossil fuels.


Sovereignty and government intervention make a comeback

Such upheavals have given rise to an economic environment that is both unusual and uncertain for Arica, spurring the continent to redefine its trajectory and rethink its strengths and weaknesses. Its reliance on the rest of the world (84% of its trade) and its deficit in infrastructure now appear more problematic than ever.


The Africa CEO Forum to debate the challenges facing the continent

The green revolution has reshuffled the cards of Africa’s wealth in resources, from coal to copper and oil to solar and wind power. The fourth industrial revolution highlights the energy, ambition and entrepreneurial spirit of Africa’s youth. Sovereignty and government intervention expose the continent’s fragmentation and absence of coordinated industrial policy. Threats to health and the increasingly decisive influence of the knowledge economy question the ways in which to invest in Africa’s human capital.


Where does Africa stand amidst Sino-US tensions?

Bringing together Africa’s most brilliant minds — top business leaders, economists, decision-makers, ministers, experts and many more — the Africa CEO Digital Edition on 28, 29 and 30 September is an ideal opportunity to discuss and analyse these challenges around the central theme: “A new world coming: How can Africa and its private sector navigate the change?”

Providing a foretaste of upcoming debates, this pre-event Focus addresses two key topics. On the one hand, Africa’s stance in times of new trade wars through an analysis of Addis-Ababa’s strategy to develop its telecoms sector amidst growing tensions between Washington and Beijing. On the other, the future of industry in Africa as successive technological revolutions demand the rethinking of development models through an informal discussion between two leading experts in this area: Acha Leke (McKinsey) and Abdou Diop (Mazars). Let’s get talking!

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