The Family Business Summit

An online event that brings together the most influential family businesses: family business owners, family business leaders, investors and financiers, experts and advisers

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Family businesses are currently charting a new course for the continent

Amy Jadesimi,
CEO & MD, Ladol

The leading event for African Family Businesses

The driving Force behind Africa’s economies, family businesses have expanded in line with the pace of the continent’s growth.

To assist them in a new stage of their growth, the AFRICA CEO FORUM is launching the Family Business Summit. This online event, scheduled to be held for the first time on 1 and 2 October 2020, will give family business owners and leaders from more than 30 African and international countries the opportunity each year to interact with one another as well as with recognised experts, exchange ideas and best practices, and forge ties for future business partnerships.

At a time when the vast majority of African family business leaders have quickly traded an optimistic outlook for a pessimistic one, the theme “Preparing for the Future” sets the tone for the first edition of this event. For six hours, through experience sharing, small group workshops, exclusive encounters with experts and private meetings, participants will be presented with practical solutions that can help them instil a culture of agility, independence and innovation at their companies, organise business leadership to come out on top of the crisis, prepare for a new future, seize investment opportunities and work for the common good.


Why attend ?

  • Interact and form partnerships with Pan-African companies similar to yours
  • Take advantage of support from recognised experts through small group sessions
  • Prepare for the future, diversify your investments
  • Share your operational experiences with other family business executives
  • Deepen your knowledge via tailored workshops
  • Connect with Africa’s top family business executives
  • Get acquainted with the continent’s key family businesses
  • Share your expertise
  • Take part in the growth, funding and expansion of dynamic companies

Grow, network, understand

Interact with Africa’s most prominent family businesses

Interact with Africa’s most prominent family businesses

Meet with family businesses similar to yours, share best practices with other business leaders and shareholders and build long-term relationships.

Expand your horizons and invest, prepare for the future

Expand your horizons and invest, prepare for the future

The Family Business Summit helps you steer your investment strategy, increase your company’s organisational agility, forge business partnerships and rethink your funding sources.

Discover innovative ideas

Discover innovative ideas

Sharpen your skills by participating in workshops given by experts, listen to speakers from internationally-renowned family businesses and be ahead of the pack on essential issues surrounding the transformation of African family businesses.

A 100% online event

A 100% online event

Our specifically designed event tool allows you to tailor your schedule to your needs, making it possible for you to attend online private meetings organised in advance or on the spot, participate in workshops in dedicated virtual rooms and even tune in to keynote addresses with leading speakers.


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