Noureddine TAYEBI

Noureddine Tayebi is a native of Algiers, Algeria where he grew up and went to school. After receiving his Diplôme d’Ingénieur from Ecole Polytechnique of Algiers, he pursued his graduate studies in the US where he obtained his PhD in Engineering from Stanford University. He also holds 3 Master Degrees in various disciplines of Engineering and Management.

After a rich entrepreneurial experience in Silicon Valley, he returned to the region to found Yassir which is the leading super App service for on demand and payment services in the Maghreb region with recent expansions into Sub-Saharan Africa. He is an active Angel Investor in High Tech startups. He also held managerial and senior positions in renowned High Tech companies such as Intel including positions in residence at Stanford University where he still occasionally gives lectures. He also serves as a mentor and lead for StartX, which is one of the major accelerators in Silicon Valley dedicated to Stanford alumni founders. He holds over 50 patents and scientific publications.

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