[Webinar en anglais] Covid-19: Banks in the eye of the storm

jeu 16 Juil
14:00 - 15:15 UTC
En partenariat avec Afreximbank

The Covid-19 crisis could lead to anywhere from a 23% to 33% drop in African banking revenues in 2020. With central banks multiplying the number of rescue plans, lenders are expected to drive the private sector’s economic recovery. However, with potential payment defaults, financial institutions are finding themselves compelled to tighten their management and reassess their risks. As the fourth industrial revolution and access to the banking system in Africa accelerate, such institutions’ response to the crisis and capacity to reform will be key to future success. How can these risks be mitigated in such uncertain times? What role will African banks play in thwarting the effects of the crisis?

Key points:

  • Covid-19: how specific is this economic crisis?
  • Asset diversification, regional expansions, market withdrawals…how are banks narrowing their losses?
  • Managing risk in future transactions and stimulating the economy: finding the right balance

This webinar is part of a series of sectoral webinars, “African champions: dealing with the Covid-19 crisis”, devoted to business leaders operating in Africa, brought to you by the AFRICA CEO FORUM and its sponsors.

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Eleni Giokos

Anchor and correspondant, CNN, South Africa


Mayowa Kuyoro

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company


Dr. James Mwangi

Group Managing Director and CEO, Equity Group Holdings

Philippe Heim

Directeur général délégué, Société Générale


Titilola Shogaolu

Divisional CEO, Financial Inclusion Services, Interswitch Group

Serigne Dioum

Group Executive for Fintech, MTN

Profil des participants

This webinar is primarily intended for CEOs, members of executive committees, legal directors and financial directors of large African companies.


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