CEO, mPharma

Gregory Rockson is the Co-founder and CEO of mPharma. mPharma is a patient-centered technology-driven healthcare company providing innovative solutions through three main business units: Wholesale, Retail and Diagnostics. Its portfolio of solutions include vendor-managed inventory services, primary care solutions for community pharmacies and data analytics. Founded in 2013, mPharma is headquartered in Ghana with operations in 8 other African countries, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gabon,Uganda and Togo. The company also owns Haltons, Kenya’s 2nd largest pharmacy chain, and Vine Pharmaceuticals in Uganda and manages a network of 500 pharmacies and GoodHealth shops serving millions of patients each year. His contribution to the healthcare industry earned him a Skoll Award in social entrepreneurship in 2019.

Gregory received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Westminster College, was a PPIA Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University, and a Rotary Scholar at the University of Copenhagen. Gregory also founded the Big Brother Big Sister program in Denmark and the Six Days of Peace Project in the Middle East.

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