Moustapha SOW

CEO, SF Capital

A graduate of McGill University, Moustapha SOW is from the African diaspora who came from Canada to his Africa. Investment banker with expertise internationally recognized in the financing of Infrastructure and trade on the African continent. He is the former Director of ICIEC, a subsidiary of The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) group where he contributed to the development of African trade and foreign direct investments. This experienced banker recently acted as speaker at the AfDB’s ” Africa Investment” in Abidjan where he talked about entrepreneurship as a development catalyst for youth, but also possible ways and means for African economic growth.

Since 2017, MOUSTAPHA SOW founded and manages the company SF CAPITAL SA ,a Pan-African investment bank present in Senegal, Mauritius, Dubai and whose main objectives are to bridge and strengthen the financing gap on the African continent through structured financing as well as financial arrangements adapted. MOUSTAPHA SOW is also the chairman Of WAHC, ASGC SENEGAL, and Microsen, entities Of SF CAPITAL.

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