Disrupter of the Year Award

The “Disrupter of the Year” trophy celebrates the company whose activities are particularly disruptive and innovative. Emphasis will be placed on products and initiatives with major impact in terms of financial inclusion, access to health care, education, energy, etc. The award recognizes a company that has demonstrated resilience in these complex times and whose activity needs to have increased significantly this year.

2023 Winner

Disrupter of the Year



Eligible candidates

Any company that has raised funds in the past year and whose creation dates to less than 10 years ago.
Application, nomination by a third party (company or individual) or identification by the Africa CEO Forum editorial team.



  • Nature of the innovation and description of the disruptive nature of the company’s products and/or services.
  • Impact of the innovation (social, environmental, etc.): qualitative (what type of impact) and quantitative (number of people affected).
  • Existence of a specific innovation program.
  • Number of countries where the company is present and distribution by region.
  • Number of deals made in the past year.
  • Level of increase (in %) of revenues in Africa in the past year.
  • Pan-African expansion strategy: key strategy components and level of achievement versus what remains to be done.

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The call for applications is open until March 20, 2024. 

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