Local Impact Champion Award

The “Local Impact Champion” Award recognizes the company that has distinguished itself by its commitment to local communities and the local economy. The prize is bestowed on a company committed to making a positive difference at the local level through initiatives that impact all stakeholders, based on the concept of business for good. This award highlights the significant role that businesses can play in building a sustainable and inclusive future and shows that business success can go along with a positive impact on society.

2023 Winner

Local Impact Champion




  • List of African countries where the company is present
  • Percentage of local employees in the company
  • Impact on the local economy: percentage of local subcontractors used by the company (direct and indirect job creation at the local level)
  • Training policy: description and scope of the impact on local communities
  • Local content policy: description and scope of the impact on local communities
  • Scope of the impact investments made on the African continent over the past year: quantitative measure (number of people involved, amount of committed funds)
  • Specific actions implemented in the past year for the sustainable development of local community and economy development and local economic development

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The call for applications is open until March 20, 2024. 


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