Partner, Mckinsey & Company

A citizen of Kenya, Omid has been with McKinsey’s Nairobi office since its early days. He leads our public sector work in East Africa and coleads our Agricultural Practice across Africa. He also leads McKinsey’s Transformation Practice (RTS) across East Africa.

As an advisor to public and private sector leaders, Omid seeks to find the balance between the right solution, the optimal implementation, and the best results. Working closely with governments and the private sector, he facilitates action and outcomes, often playing a mediating role to broker relationships between the two sectors to achieve the greatest impact.

Omid first joined McKinsey in 2004 in our Johannesburg office. After leaving to work in leadership development and renewable energy, he rejoined the firm in 2014 in Nairobi, eager to contribute to growth and development in his own country and the broader region.

Omid is also one of the founding partners of a 5,500-hectare farm near Lumumbashi, DRC, and the co-developer of a 75-megawatt solar park in South Africa. He offers volunteer support to several youth empowerment groups, and is a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network and the Tutu Fellowship.