CEO, Casablanca Finance City Authority

Mr. IBRAHIMI began his professional career in France where he entered the banking system in 1986 bearing different operational responsibilities in the Group BNP PARIBAS.

He was appointed General Director of the Banque Nationale pour le Développement Economique (BNDE) in September 1995.

His late Majesty King Hassan II appointed him as General Director of the “Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole” in September 1997. He successfully developed an important institutional and financial reform when he transformed the state bank into a commercial bank.

He was also vice president of the Professional Association of Moroccan Banks until 2003.

In September 2003, His Majesty King Mohammed VI appointed him as the Kingdom’s treasurer. He ran a modernization plan aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of the country’s administrative services. He also led a major reform project concerning public spending control in which he successfully merged pertinent administrations.

In April 2010, His Majesty King Mohamed VI appointed him as Chief Executive Officer of the Moroccan Financial Board (presently Casablanca Finance City Authority), the authority in charge of the institutional promotion and overall management program of the Casablanca Finance City.

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