Deputy CEO, Masen

M. Tarik Hamane is the Acing Chief Executive Officer of MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable
Energy). Masen is the key player in the field of sustainable energies in Morocco in charge of the
development of renewable projects to achieve the country’s objective of securing 52% of the
electricity mix from renewable sources by 2030.
Masen is leading integrated project development programs aimed at creating an additional 6,000
MW in the country by 2030. Masen is also one of the leading players in renewable energies in
Africa and is developing several renewable projects in the Continent.
Previously, M. Hamane was the Vice President in charge of Hydrogen Development activities
Worldwide of TOTAL Eren (the strong arm of the TOTAL-Energies Group, specialized in renewable
energies and green hydrogen). He leads the Development of numerous green hydrogen projects
worldwide; more than 60 GW of Electrolyze Capacity Projects in (Morocco, Egypt, Mauritania,
Tunisia, Chili, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Australia). He was responsible of all development
processes from renewable production to the final product (Green H2, Ammonia, compressed H2,
Methanol). Also in charge of securing purchase contracts with offtakers (mainly in Europe
“Germany, Austria, Netherland” and Asia “Japan and South Korea”). Also holds the position of
General Manager (Directeur Général) of TOTAL Eren’s North Africa Subsidiaries.

Tarik Hamane is engineer in Electrical Engineering and Automation and holds a master’s degree
in Industrial Information Systems from Ecole Centrale and INSA Lyon. He also had a MBA
education from Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées Paris.

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