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Co-CEO, Groupe NJS Cameroun

Henriette Noutchogouin, born on October 1, 1960, in Bafoussam, is one of ten children of Noutchogouin Jean Samuel (NJS) and Bernadette Noutchogouin. She is a recognized Cameroonian entrepreneur and consultant , known for her expertise in logistics, international trade, and business management.

Since 2012, she has been working as an independent consultant for companies within the NJS Group and various other prominent Cameroonian businesses, including Aéroports du Cameroun (ADC) S.A, among others.

Today, Henriette Noutchogouin continues to contribute to the development of NJS Group companies while managing her own companies. Her expertise and leadership are recognized in the industry, and she is appreciated for her strategic vision and commitment to the Cameroonian economy.

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