Les intervenants

Paul-Francois Cattier

Paul-Francois Cattier is currently  

  1. Managing Director of Africa Data Centres Association which he founded in 2018. 
  2. Venture Partner at Energy Access Venture (EAV) Impact Investment Fund in Africa. 
  3. President of African Aquarelle – Consulting on distributed and renewable Infrastructures projects in Africa 

Prior to this from 2015 to 2019 he was Schneider Electric President of French speaking Africa & all Ocean Islands covering more than 60 Countries, allowing him to develop Data Center strategy in Africa as well as Distributed Energy Infrastructures, for Villages, Cities and C&I segment in Africa. 

From 2010 to 2015, Paul-François was Global Senior Vice President Data Center Market for Schneider Electric, establishing the Global Leadership of Schneider Electric in the Data Center Physical Infrastructure Market, transitioning the Data Center strategic focus on Bank and Telecom, to Co-Locations and GAFA. 

Paul-François Cattier joined Schneider Electric in 2005 and merge as Vice President IT Business, APC & MGE UPS in France, Benelux and French speaking Africa when Schneider Electric bought the two entities. 

Prior to Schneider Electric, he held different positions in sales and general management functions in companies like Alcatel, Philips, Digital Equipment Corporation, Cabletron & Anixter  

Paul-François is also Founding Member of Club Abidjan Ville Durable (Abidjan smart City club), Board Member of EPF French Engineer School and Judge at Data Cloud for Global Data Center awards.