The AFRICA CEO FORUM annual summit is back

ReConnect, ReBoot, ReShape: 1,500 participants are expected in Abidjan on March 21 and 22, 2022


[Webinar] Is artificial intelligence already a must for African companies?

How can African businesses meet the challenge of technological transformation?

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[Webinar] African cities: Ready for a new generation of infrastructure?

How can decision-makers plan resilient urban infrastructure that will stand the test of time and future uncertainties?

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[Webinar] Tearing down the barriers to SME lending in Africa

Development finance associations and foreign investors are rallying to fill the PME gap, but what role can Africa’s own legacy banks and emerging fintechs play?

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Can Africa harness its cultural and creative sectors for future growth? 

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“We can bounce back…but we need to reduce bureaucracy” - IFC Managing Director, Makhtar Diop


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