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[Francophone event] Debt: what strategy to preserve the interests of Africa in the long term?

Many decision-makers are calling for full or partial cancellation of outstanding debts. Is there a path that allows for an effective short-term response while preserving long-term interests?

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[Webinar] Covid-19: banks in the eye of the storm

How can the risks be mitigated in such uncertain times? What role will African banks play in thwarting the effects of the crisis?

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[Webinar] Covid crisis and mining: what will be the new normal?

How well was the industry prepared for this crisis and how is it managing? What lessons can be learned for the future of the industry in Africa?

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[Webinar] Post-Covid logistics in Africa: Taking up challenges, seizing opportunities

What impact will the deterioration of states’ public accounts have on logistics projects and the shape of public-private partnerships?

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[Webinar] Covid-19 crisis: what outcome for power projects in Africa?

Lockdowns, movement restrictions, sanitary measures: what has been the impact of the health crisis on current power projects?

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[Webinar] Agribusiness: 2020, the local sourcing shift?

How has the sector coped with limited trade and changing demand? Covid-19, AfCFTA: will 2020 change African agribusiness for good?

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[Webinar] Covid-19: What is at stake for the African Continental Free Trade Area?

When and how is AfCFTA going to be implemented? What economic and legal changes can we foresee in terms of regional movements of goods and capital given the current disruptions?

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[Webinar] Covid-19, consumer and retail: preparing for new realities

How to deal with the disruption of logistics ? How to prepare to the most probable future?

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[Webinar] Closing deals during the Covid-19 period: what can we foresee in the pipeline?

How to price a target in an uncertain period ? How to initiate, conduct and complete an acquisition and with what funding ?

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[Webinar] African companies & Covid-19: facing legal challenges

How to react to the impossibility of physically holding boards of directors or general meetings of shareholders? What dividend policy should be adopted in the face of current uncertainties?

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African Logistics : Time for revolution

In a report, the AFRICA CEO FORUM and OKAN deliver their recommendations to push the boundaries in the field of African logistics. A key element for the success of continental economic integration.

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