Fair Climate Transition - Part 2

10:30 - 12:30 UTC
Digital Event


With COP28 on the horizon, the Fair Climate Transition debate has reached its peak. Dignitaries from around the world have begun listening to African governments about the need for an equitable approach to achieving global climate goals. Africa’s long-term growth and prosperity are inextricably linked to a successful climate transition, but the immediate needs of Africans and African business are far from being met .

This webinar series of 3 episodes seeks to uncover the African private sector perspective, its needs and challenges to building African prosperity amid a global climate transition.




– Episode 2 –

Powering African business: meeting energy needs for industrialisation

Outages, price fluctuations and capacity restrictions have long limited African productivity. Unlocking Africa’s industrial potential undoubtedly depends on the supply of accessible, reliable, and competitive energy to power African business.

While Africa’s immense renewables potential holds the key to long-term prosperity, immediate needs and ambitions have given rise to a consensus on the continent that natural gas should be a ‘transition energy’. What does this mean for Africa’s energy mix, and for the future of renewables on the ‘leap-frog continent’? How can Africa secure the energy to power its future industries?

Our speakers :

– Lionel Zinsou, Former Prime Minister of Benin, Co-Founder of the consulting company SouthBridge

– Mamadou Fall Kane, Advisor to the President of the Republic of Senegal

– Alain Ebobissé, CEO, Africa50


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