Fair Climate Transition - Series 2024

09:30 - 10:30 UTC
Digital Event

Gaslighting Africa: How Africa Can Raise Global Expectations of its Energy Ambitions

The World Bank and African Development Bank recently announced their aim to connect 300 million Africans to electricity by 2030. If successful, this will halve the number currently without access to power; plainly a huge success. The devil in the detail, however, is that ‘modern access’ is defined as 100kWh per year – barely enough to power one lightbulb for the evening and charge your phone each day. Today, with 20% of the global population, Africa has 4% of the world’s power generation capacity. As Africa’s power-to-people ratio shrinks, how can this trend be reversed?

• Can efforts to connect Africans to electricity keep up with population growth?
• Land of opportunity: How can African governments turbo-charge power generation capacity for an aspirational Generation Alpha?
• How can government and business collaborate to challenge global expectations and raise the bar for Africa?

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