Gender Champions Meeting

10:00 - UTC
Digital Event


On 5-6 December, 2023, the WFC Gender Champions Meeting will convene all senior business leaders from the African continent, to network and exchange with their peers. Their objective : pave the way for an inclusive and progress-oriented African private sector, with this year’s focus on women in innovation.

In the heart of Africa’s dynamic landscape, a powerful force of change is surging forward, led by remarkable female champions. In the fields of business, health, climate, sport, and beyond, these pioneering women have broken the glass ceiling and transformed their respective industries.

During this third edition of the Gender Champions Meeting, we will delve into the impact these women leaders have made in their respective sectors. Their strategic approaches have led to advancements, challenging the norms and creating a more inclusive and progressive society.

By sharing their experiences, we hope to spark new ideas, collaborations, and initiatives that will further uplift women and drive positive change in Africa. The event will also serve as a platform to shed light on the challenges these female champions face as they lead their industries towards greater prosperity. Through candid discussions, we will address the hurdles and barriers that persist in the blooming sectors they represent.

Let us seize this moment to celebrate their achievements, learn from their experiences, and unite in our commitment to championing gender equality and inclusivity across the continent. Together, we will continue to break barriers and pave the way for a more equitable and progressive Africa.



WFC is the leading network of female leaders in Africa powered by the AFRICA CEO FORUM and Jeune Afrique Media Group. It provides efficient self-development and advocacy tools along with influential networking for +3700 African female executives on the continent.

Our initiatives, including panels at the AFRICA CEO FORUM and the AFRICA FINANCIAL INDUSTRY SUMMIT – AFIS and the Gender Diversity Charter allow our members to address major gender diversity challenges within African companies and institutions.

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Deborah Mutund

TV Host, Canal+


Buhle Goslar

Former CEO, JUMO and Member of the Board, Copia Global

Sophia Alj

Co-founder and COO, Chari

Miishe Addy

CEO and Co-founder, Jetstream Africa

Estelle Dogbo

Co-founder and COO, Syndicate Bio

Dr. Ola Brown

General Partner, HealthCap Africa

Somachi Chris-Asoluka

CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation

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