Infrastructure: is the African private sector the missing dot? 

Thu 15 Jul
14:00 - 15:15 UTC
In partnership with Africa 50

To close the infrastructure gap in Africa, investments should rise to 4.5% per year as a share of GDP against the current 2.5%; African private sector participation in infrastructure projects funding is a key to accelerate local funding’s efforts and overall continental integration. But to foster their participation, African private entities’ are looking for governments incentives and enabling framework. Beyond obvious cost-benefit aspects, African private actors benefit from a competitive advantage over foreign investors as their understanding of infrastructure investment risk is fueled by their local knowledge and past experiences.  Why are African private sector infrastructure investments limited? How can African private actors become key players of regional project development?  


 Key points

  • Do African private companies perceive regional infrastructure funding as strategic? What incentives can foster African private sector participation in infrastructure financing?
  • How to mitigate the perception of risks for African private entities?
  • Assets under management by African institutional investors are estimated to be close to $1.8 trillion. What role can they play in bridging the infrastructure financing gap?


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Who should attend?

This webinar is primarily intended for CEOs, members of executive committees, legal directors and financial directors of large African companies.

Africa 50

Africa50 was established by African governments and the African Development Bank to help bridge Africa’s infrastructure funding gap by facilitating project development, mobilizingpublic and private sector finance, and investing in infrastructure on the continent. Africa50 focuses on medium- to large-scale projects that have development impact while offering an appropriate risk-adjusted return to investors. Bringing project development and financing together in one platform, Africa50 seeks to provide support at every stage of the project cycle. In 4 years, Africa50 has successfully developed a diversified investment and development portfolio comprising 6 assets in operation, 2 under construction, and many others under development. 


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