Invest in Togo

Thu 19 May
09:45 - 11:00 UTC
Digital Event



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Togo, West Africa’s leading trade hub, ranks among Africa’s most resilient economies to the Covid-19 pandemic with growth forecast at 6.1% in 2022, up from 5.5% in 2019. 

Such vibrancy is reflected in investor enthusiasm for the country. FDI rocketed 85% ($639m) between 2019 and 2020.

Identified by the World Bank in 2020 as Africa’s leading country in terms of reforms to support private sector growth, the government continues its effort to improve business environment through, for example, its recent enactment of laws with regard to public procurement and public-private partnerships.  

It is against this backdrop that the AFRICA CEO FORUM, in partnership with Ecobank, has decided to organise “Invest IN Togo”, an online event. The aim of the event is to highlight and analyse the country’s investment opportunities in areas of infrastructure, agri-industry, digital technology and energy.  

With Sani Yaya as a special guest and an event format featuring a 1.15-hour webinar followed by sector-specific workshops, “Invest IN Togo” is designed for international investors, CEOs of multinationals, consultants, financial institutions and African business people.  


Key points: 

  • Exclusive interview with Sani Yaya, Minister of Economy and Finance of Togo
  • A panel of major economic players to debate the Togolese ecosystem, including its business environment, booming sectors and programs for reform
  • Three public-private workshops for pragmatic discussions on investment opportunities sector by sector. 

Participants profile

This digital event is primarily intended for CEOs, members of executive committees, legal directors and financial directors of large African companies.