29 May 2022 / Article

Economic sovereignty, green growth and industrial transformation: new paths to African prosperity


Successive crises over the past two years have triggered a global race for vaccines, disrupted supply chains, provoked soaring energy and food prices, and have accelerated the transition towards renewables and a digital economy. These shocks have underlined the need to transform economies and have pushed economic sovereignty to the top of the agenda. More than anywhere else, these disruptions could catalyse change in Africa.

“How can the private sector help African nations attain
economic sovereignty?”

From reducing the trade deficit for food (forecast at $110bn by 2025), to regaining control over digital data (80% of which is stored outside Africa), and manufacturing medicine locally, the quest for economic sovereignty is becoming central to public policy across the continent. However as the recent successes of Morocco in logistics and Nigeria in the cement sector demonstrate, delivering on these strategies relies on robust public-private dialogue involving the African champions of today, and setting the stage for those of tomorrow.

On 13 and 14 June in Abidjan, the AFRICA CEO FORUM will mobilise leading CEOs, investors, heads of state and ministers to outline new paths to African growth.

  • How can African countries better prepare for the return of inflation, debt and trade tensions?
  • Which sectors should states target in the pursuit of sovereignty, and how could this impact the common African market?
  • How can each private sector player – from traditional private corporations and state-owned companies to start-ups – drive this transformation?
  • What are the best ways to raise the necessary funding, while meeting new regulatory requirements and mitigating negative environmental impacts?

The AFRICA CEO FORUM community, joined for the first time by CEOs of Africa’s pioneering unicorns, will debate these issues in discussion panels, public-private workshops, and case studies.

Founded ten years ago against a backdrop of strong economic expansion, the mission for this 2022 edition of the AFRICA CEO FORUM will be to rekindle this growth dynamic, and to emphasise the private sector’s role in bringing about an independent and innovative Africa.

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