06 Oct 2019 / Report

African Logistics : Time for revolution

In a report, the AFRICA CEO FORUM and OKAN, the strategic and financial consultants dedicated to Africa, deliver their recommendations to push the boundaries in the field of African logistics. A key element for the success of continental economic integration.

The modernization of African logistics is one of the most important areas of development on the continent today. Despite the progress achieved over the past fifteen years, particularly in the field of ports, which handle 90% of the continent’s trade, the sector remains insufficiently competitive and modern to support industrialization and African economic integration: China’s investment in logistics is 23 times greater than that of Africa, and only 10 African countries are in the two first quartiles of the Logistics Performance Index 2018.

To coincide with the Continental Free Trade Zone entering into its operational phase, the AFRICA CEO FORUM, in partnership with OKAN, has published an exclusive report which makes pragmatic recommendations to accelerate a real revolution in the African logistics sector.

Strengthening governments’ capacities, structuring intra-African logistics, accelerating port modernization and bringing the demands of the middle class into the equation: from Tangier to Djibouti via Nairobi Mombasa and Lomé, this report draws on case studies of several African success stories and examines the many challenges that are holding back the sector to formulate these recommendations for the benefit of investors and entrepreneurs.

Like the barometer of African CEOs published in March, the publication of this exclusive report reflects the AFRICA CEO FORUM’s mission: to highlight the challenges confronting African companies, offer concrete solutions, and amplify the voice of the private sector on the continent’s major development issues.


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